Adapting the Short Story – Masterclass

Adapting the Short Story

Creative Innovation Zone, Media Factory
Tuesday 19 November 11:00-13:00

Finding great ideas for films can be tough, but the world of literature, especially short form, provides a wealth of source material just waiting to be adapted.

Trying to cram the full breadth of a novel into a film is an uphill battle. While plenty have succeeded, many more haven’t because you’re forced to trim massive amounts of source material down into something that will work in a visual medium. Short stories are usually far more singular and focused, they tend to revolve around one particular theme or idea, which makes them far easier to adapt. The best part is that there’s a world of short stories out there, some of which are in the public domain and some of which come from lesser known authors who would be more than willing to give you the rights to adapt their work. So, if you’re hard-pressed about what to make for your next film, definitely look into adapting a short story.

Join author and lecturer Dr John D Rutter for this informative Masterclass on adapting the short story.

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