Making History: LuneTube’s Guide to Hyperlocal Filmmaking – Masterclass

Making History: LuneTube’s Guide to Hyperlocal Filmmaking

Creative Innovation Zone, Media Factory
Tuesday 19 November 13:00-16:00

LuneTube was created by Janine Bebbington and David Chandler in 2018 to explore the histories on North Lancashire on film.  However, they weren’t interested in the mainstream stories – the stories which we all know and which will still be being told in 300 years’ time – they decided to focus on the ‘at-risk’ stories or even the completely unknown stories which would give people a greater sense of North Lancashire.  To date they have produced over 70 short films together.  In their workshop, they will explain their reasons for heading off the beaten track in search of the extraordinary and how they have taken their films to the masses.  

About LuneTube: LuneTube was founded by Lancaster film maker Janine Bebbington and historian David Chandler.  It was formed with the aim of encouraging people to look more critically at what is around them, be it an old set of horsesteps or a standpipe!  Our streets are littered with clues to stories of the past.  However, if these artefacts aren’t seen to have historic value (for example a functional postbox), they can  be swept away by redevelopment and ‘progress’ at any time.  That’s when LuneTube stepped in with a mission to uncover, record and explain as much of the unknown as they could find.  Over a twelve month period, they produced films which uncovered secret ‘C-list’ stories of North Lancashire.    Their mission is to give a platform to the stories which will disappear over time.  By illuminating the past, their films serve to help to make people more curious about their own environments. 

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