Writing Radio Drama – Masterclass

Writing Radio Drama with Carole Solazzo

ME002, Media Factory
Thursday 21 November 11:00-14:00

Radio is a unique medium for drama where the only limiting factor is the writer’s imagination. But it has its own unique challenges. This Masterclass will be an interactive session full of practical advice and up-to-date invaluable insider info, covering the ABCs of writing radio drama from initial idea through to broadcast. 

Part One will focus on the Art and Craft:

You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t 

How to find the best stories for radio 

How to use techniques and devices to create compelling characters, distinctive settings and locations, and effective action

How to write successful monologue and dialogue How the radio drama studio works and how to use it to get the best results from actors, sound engineers and spot FX teams

Part Two will focus on the Business of being a radio drama writer:

BBC Radio 4 – what commissioners are looking for 

BBC and independent drama producers and how to approach them

How to format a radio drama script 

Getting commissioned 

Please bring a laptop or tablet computer to this Masterclass.

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